Welcome to my little utility, "Auctioneer".

Current Status: Beta

What this does: Logs the auction stream of the game, Medievia.

How: When I'm logged in to Medievia, I log the auctions and parse them for use here.

What you'll find here:
  • Item history
    • Who put it up for auction.
    • What the minimum bid was.
    • Who bid on it (if anyone).
    • How much the item sold for.
  • Player history
    • What a player has put up for auction.
    • What a player has bid on.
    • What a player has purchased through auction.

Future features:
  • More detailed item stats
    • Average purchase price
    • Most expensive purchase price
    • Cheapest purchase price
  • Include auction sales in player profiles. (Currently only shows bids and wins)
  • List of Sellers.
  • List of Winning Bidders.
  • Top X most expensive items.
  • Most active bidders.
  • Breaking things down by date.

These pages are static. I log the auctions, run a script and generate these pages.