You were burned

I’m in the habit of reinstalling my operating systems every couple months. It’s just something I do and I suppose it keeps me in practice. To the point, this weekend I had planned on reinstalling the OS’s on my main PC. This means whiping the data, resizing the partitions based on how much space I took up in the previous months, and then reinstalling WindowsXP on one partition and then (hopefully) Ubuntu on the other.

The only thing new this time around, compared to the previous installation two months ago, was the inclusion of another 500GB SATA2 hard-drive during installation.

Windows installed fine, being the main reason for the reinstall in the first place (Hello, windows bloat?). My next step would be to reinstall Ubuntu.

I recalled that back in April I encountered a problem with the installation on my PC. It didn’t like my hard-drive setup or something like that and I needed to start the installation with the “pci=nomsi” command (Press F6 and then type pci=nomsi <enter>).

This is where I encountered my problem, Friday night, which has led me up to this point Sunday afternoon. The disc somehow became corrupt. Every time the base-install would get to the point where it would install mii-diag it would debootstrap red-screen me. I won’t expect you to have ever heard of that .deb package as I never had. That file was corrupt, along with a few others.

I fished around for my Ubuntu server installation, got that installed but with some funny side-effects (duh, I wasn’t looking for a server install). Next up, I downloaded the 8.04.1 Ubuntu .iso and burned that (at full speed) and tried the install. Same problem!

At this point, I thought maybe it was a file being served to me from the Canada repositories that was corrupt so I tried the install again! This time, with the USA repos. And then again with the UK repos… always the same problem.

Now it’s Sunday morning and I decide to check the Ubuntu forums and launchpad discussions. Turns out that if you burn at a fast speed then you, like I did, will get burned. So I’m successfully installing this very moment after a 1xburn of the iso.

Burn your linux distros at a slow speed to prevent a weekend of headaches and time from your loved ones.

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