Winning Numbers

The lottery simulation is in a very usable state. I’d just like to make a note before I forget, it was written and implemented in Linux. I use Ubuntu 7.10 (and am very excited at the release of Ubuntu 8.04 in two days). The required programs, should you choose to download and play with the code, are as follows:

  1. Scilab for crunching the data (ie, calculating averages).
  2. Gnuplot for plotting the data and saving them as images (where Scilab falls short).

You may also need to “sudo apt-get install build-essential” if you want to alter and compile the source, particularly if you’re using Ubuntu. For some reason it wasn’t included with the default Ubuntu 7.10 install.

I’m continuing to generate data and eventually (it takes a long time) I’ll have 10000 to 50000 points of data for every combination of n choose k between 2 to 49.

Coming up next…

I’m playing with sorting algorithms. First up, bubble sort. So keep an eye out on the science page.

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