Tommy says: Nobody plays games on Linux.

I’m just listening to an interview at RoboAwesome with Edmund and Tommy (when their powers combine, they are Team Meat) responsible for the upcoming Super Meat Boy. It’s 1 hour 10 minutes and 10 seconds in length. Right around the 30 minute 21 second mark, Tommy says,

We're never doing Linux because that's dumb.
I don't care what anybody says, nobody plays
games on Linux.

But I do! We exist. Linux gamers exist!

This caused me to think about the state of games on Linux. I’m talking about real commercial support for games on Linux. It’s a catch-22. Simply put, I believe people don’t use Linux as their every-day desktop because there are not enough commercial games for it. Why isn’t there a large library of commercial games available for Linux? And I’m talking about games that are recently released with the intent of being available for Linux on or soon after launch, not games that have been out for a year and someone decided to port it over to Linux.

Anyway, back to the question of why isn’t there a large library of commercial games available for Linux? It’s because developers feel that there aren’t enough Linux gamers.

Linux gamers say: Make games for Linux, more people will use Linux.

Developers say: I’m not going to make games for Linux because no one plays games on Linux.

Hopefully a Linux-native client of Steam can fix this. Hopefully by the end of August, 2010.

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  1. Tommy says:


    I didn’t mean to poop on Linux users parades. I will say this though, if there is enough interest for it, at some point there will be a Linux version of SMB. It has to be totally worth the time required though, also it wont be the same time the Mac and PC one will be out because I don’t own a Linux machine and I don’t want to TOTALLY kill myself:)

    Tommy (of Team Meat)

  2. kdnewton says:

    Thank you for the reply. I wouldn’t think you had it out for Linux users, and honestly today was the first time I’d really heard you interviewed. You’re a funny guy and I’d never really seen/heard that side before.

    Listening to the interview I’d linked to previously, as well as this one right here I can see why you had said it and possibly how it was meant to come out.

    I’ll be buying SMB day one when it’s available on Steam. And I can guarantee if there’s ever a Linux release of it, I’ll buy it again!

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