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VirtualBox Network with XP Guest in Ubuntu Host

This tip refers to VirtualBox 3.0.8 and Ubuntu 9.04.

If you’re anything like me, you might have need of a WinXP install within Ubuntu. In my case, it’s convenient to have a VirtualBox of Windows running for immediate testing of websites (as I build them) so that I can test the sites functionality and appearance within Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, the default settings of a guest WinXP install don’t allow for networking “out of the box”. But it’s an easy fix!

First, make sure the virtual machine is not already running. Turn it off if it is.

Next, highlight the WinXP virtual machine within the Sun VirtualBox main screen. Click Settings. Select Network. Change the Adapter Type to Intel PRO/1000 T Server (bunchanumbers) then OK and start the virtual machine.

When you boot into the Windows guest, the network should now work.

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