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Trendnet TEW 423pi wifi and Ubuntu 10.04

I’ve spent parts of the last 24 hours trying to get wifi running on my desktop (I primarily use my work laptop). The desktop uses a cheapo Trendnet TEW 423pi (revision C1.xR).

After bashing my head against my desk following the Ubuntu Community instructions to installing ndiswrapper and Windows wifi drivers, and finding that the wireless networking still doesn’t work, I find a simple solution to my problem. I notice the network-manager, for both the wired and wireless connections, when clicked on displays: wireless networks device not managed.

A quick google search for ubuntu wireless networks device not managed and I find the simple solution. The solution was found at post #8 of this thread.

Changing [ifupdown] managed=false to true in /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf resolved the issue.

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