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Displaying an SVG hosted by GoDaddy

I’ve recently been contributing to the TorrentBoy Project and trying to keep some level of activity going for it at all times. The project still needs active contributors, especially if you’re any good with stringing coherent words together or connecting lines together to form pretty pictures. See for more information. Writers? Artists? Anyone!

How is this relevant? I told MCM, the brain behind the project, that I’d get off my butt and finally post the .svg I had created. Being that TorrentBoy is a collaborative project, it helps others if they have a “launching” point to contribute from. From my perspective, I’m hoping that someone can take my image of Crash with Waser Bwaster () and make him awesome.

Back to the point, GoDaddy doesn’t display .svg files by default. When linking to an SVG, the page will just spit out the source code to the image. Not very helpful. A temporary solution would be to change the .svg extension to .xml, which will then correctly display the image. But that’s not how we do it!

The solution is this. Stick the following lines into your websites root .htaccess file (the ~/html directory).

AddType image/svg+xml svg
AddType image/svg+xml svgz
AddEncoding x-gzip .svgz

Give it a try. Much thanks to this article for the solution.

Open Sourcery

Recently I came across a gem of a site on the interwebs. I found 1889ca (Is it just called 1889? Maybe 1889 books?). It’s the home of some great stories, very much in the same light as Cory Doctorow’s works. But there’s a twist. These are children’s books. Not all of them (keep the little ones away from the Steam Duck series), but the majority are aimed at the “sub teenager” age range.

Recently, and much to my surprise, MCM, the man behind the site, launched an open source project: TorrentBoy. I felt like this was something I had to take part in. Who wouldn’t love to help drive the evolution of a wise-cracking boy who turns into a super-hero by tapping into the latent power that engulfs all of Earth’s inhabitants? I know I would!

So when MCM asked for the Twitter-Public’s opinion on which CMS (Content Management System) we’d recommend, preferably one built like a wiki, I just had to suggest the use of PmWiki. I like PmWiki. The documentation accompanying it is great. And, Lo! Check out the TorrentBoy site now! I wasn’t expecting to be able to contribute the way that I had, but I did.

So I’m not sure if this is a public awareness call for bored geeks out there who wish to contribute to an open source project (much like TorrentBoy, or any other project). If you want to help contribute to a project, you can. You’re not about to get your head torn off like you might if you play QuakeLive (people who play Quake can be scary mean!).

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