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The haunting of big hair and golden thrones

“Ouch!” Terrence dropped the book as it closed on his fingers.

He scribbled in a notepad, one that wasn’t possessed.

Haunted library. Aggressive books.

Terrence had never encountered a possessed book before. Flipping it over, he saw it was the autobiography of Tammy Faye Bakker.

“Huh, that explains a lot.”

Like the dog, but more loyal

They saw him coming. Jimmy, Michael’s pet zombie, shambled up the hill. A worried look fell across Pa’s face and Ma ran to the shed.

The zombie jerked and twitched, the best way he knew how to communicate.

“Mikey is in trouble?” said Pa.


“He fell down a well?”

Mini action script: Stealthy Assassin

The stealthy assassin balances on top of a pine, a god among men but only ninja.

A blinding flash and puff of smoke, an electric guitar appears in the ninja’s arms. This moment signifies the end pirates. Ever.

The ninja whails on the guitar and pirates ceased to ever exist.

Sibling Rivalries

“I win!” shouted Maggie, jumping out of her chair.

“No way!” Jeb cried, “You’re just a big cheat!”

“Really, look. I’m done, look for yourself.”

Maggie turned around, showing off her work of art to the rest of the family.

“We never said we had to color inside the lines.”

This calls for a different kind of Ash.

Fire rages in the Canadian town of Kelowna, and nerds the world over gape in awe.

What was supposed to be a turning point in biotechnology and a fun exercise in “catching them all” turned to disaster.

The world voted. Scientists did their sciency stuff. The angry fire lizard escaped.

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