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No games in January

So it has been one month since I committed to not purchase any video games in 2011. So far, the toughest moments were when I had to pass on Game Dev Story on Android, and this weekend’s Steam deal on The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness episodes 1 & 2 pack for $2.99. I’ve been able to stop and reflect on just what appeals to me most when I want to make a purchase, and I think it’s the price-point. I have the first episode of Rainslick already. I haven’t even played it yet. How do I know I’ll even want to play episode 2? But $2.99? Not that seems like a good deal. And I want to jump all over that.

But it’s a good feeling knowing that I’m passing it by. Other good feelings? Not obsessively checking Steam on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if the midweek madness has been posted yet. Or Steam’s weekend deal.

On a similar note, a couple weeks ago I completed Just Cause 2 (on the PC) and I have yet to fill that gap with another game in my huge list of unplayed games. I have options, but I find since I’m putting less focus on acquiring new ‘stuff’ I’m putting that focus toward learning and doing other things. Plus, I’ve got that free mmo, LOTRO, to play 🙂

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