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The never ending 10%

I’m currently pushing through what I believe to be the last 10 percent. There’s a quote on the page I linked to:

The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time.
-Tom Cargill

So when I thought I was going to be able to complete all the features and fix all the bugs for an end-of-March release of Squishy Bugs, I was enthusiastically wrong. It’ll be done when it’s done.

Right now I’m toying with the idea of stripping the half-baked features and uploading a new version to show off the new features that are completed. These would include:

  • option to turn on/off sound
  • option to turn on/off music
  • game now features music by ozzed
  • if it’s the phone’s first time playing the game the “Start” button does not jump right into a game but instead starts the tutorial
  • game now gathers (but currently does nothing with) various metrics (games played, balls throw, bugs squashed, how much time was spent on the settings screen, etc)

The unfinished features are something like:

  • WaggSoft account registration (can register/login but error catching needs work)
  • metric gathering (Google analytics)
  • menus are getting overhauled, using libgdx widgets. Still need to learn how to scale fonts and graphics in these widgets.

And then there is the list of things to even start on. Like, adding more power ups. Adding high scores. Creating the WaggSoft account management page to allow users to change their username and update their email address, etc.

I’m learning so much and I’m going to be so happy when I can say the game is done. This was meant to be a “quick project” to work on while I took a short break from codename Space Fight. At least the skills are transferable. And Space Fight will be better because of it, and the development should be much quicker than it previously was.

Thanks for sticking with me!

A more efficient Accessible Area Map

This screenshot is going to look familiar.

It will look very similar to this image.

So what’s the difference? Well, the previous image shows off a very inefficient 55878 polygons with 579 nodes. The image above proudly displays a much more efficient 3417 polygons with only 16 nodes.

You may notice the right hand side, there’s an inconsistency with one of the sub-maps (a recursed AccessibleAreaMap) that appears to have stopped rotating when there was still room to continue mapping. Likewise in the top-right area. So there is still room for further improvements.

At the very least, I’m happy that the AccessibleAreaMap generation happens almost instantaneously where previously it took at least a few seconds. Rendering the AccessibleAreaMap also no longer strains the loop.

Shadows and Light in SpaceFight!

I had fun with this one, too. Shadows!

I had the theory churning in my head and this tigsource thread helped me solidify it in my brainspace.

It’s not something I absolutely needed in SpaceFight! but it’s kind of a staple for 2-dimensional games. Mostly, I was trying to wrap my head around an alternate method of accessible area mapping. When working with “lighting” it’s important to forget about the light. What’s important are the shadows. Now I can try working these ‘light sources’ into the accessible area map, placing one at each available node, and I could have that efficient accessible area mapping algorithm I’ve been looking for.

Putting it all Together

I could have sworn I’d already posted this graphic.

Still, this is the “accessible area map” implemented in SpaceFight!. If you visit the prototype page you should be able to give it a try. It needs some improvement. It’s a resource hog, especially where there are a lot of wall tiles side by side. And the polygons haven’t joined together as I’d hoped, as you can see by the multitude of ‘pie slices’.

After I’ve reduced the inefficiencies of the algorithm and made the accessible area mapping look good, I get to work on the path-finding. Something to map points of the shortest distance between the player’s location and where the player wants to go within the accessible area. And to display that path. I’m sure it will be all kinds of fun. Seriously. It was all kinds of fun getting the accessible area map to the point it’s at now.

SpaceFight! Prototyping

The prototype has always been available here but this is a reminder in case you were unaware. However, that link won’t be the permanent location of SpaceFight!. It will eventually have its own proper home. Probably on another domain I recently purchased and set up. Mystery! Kind of.

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