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Big Life Changes

Life changed this year. Wife realized she was unhappy but it was too late to fix. She left. Took the kids 45 minutes away.

On the bright side, she fixed up the townhouse we own, that she now lives in. It’s worth a bunch more now and she’s as motivated as I am to sell it. So that’ll happen in the spring, I think.

I no longer feel compelled to leave work as soon as my 8 hours are done. Previously I headed straight home after work every day to give her a break from housework and parenting duties. Now I hang around at work for board game nights and after-work activities. And I wake up later in the morning. Used to be I’d work 8-4, now it’s more like a 9 or 9:30 start. That’s nice.

I see the kids every two weekends. Sometimes I take them a couple weekends in a row. The 45 minute drive isn’t so bad. I get to listen to a lot of audiobooks during the drive. Lately I’ve been listening to “IT” by Stephen King.

I met someone. She’s a school teacher who recently moved here from Alberta. She was looking for work and only two days ago finally found something. It’s not teaching, but it’s still in-line with her career of choice.

So life changed. Now I’m looking for opportunities to make the most of those changes. It’s tough. I don’t wish it on anyone. But silver linings and all that.

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