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A Home for Generic 2D Platformer

I’ve set up a subdomain for Generic 2D Platformer. This is a first-phase exercise for motivating me to stop reading about everyone else making games (my RSS reader is full of indie-game blogs) and finally get around to my own projects. Stick-men puzzle solving and platform-jumping coming soon!

And if you haven’t checked it out, I can’t tell you enough how much Spelunky simply rocks. It’s a pinch of Nethack and a dash of Castlevania all rolled into Indiana Jones.

Breaking ground on the Generic2DPlatformer

I’ve been building up a 2D Game “Engine” in my head over the last few months. I’m writing it in Java and am using the Slick framework. I’ve got an information page set up and of course I’ll be posting here with the progress.

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