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Reid Newton: 1 Week Old

Just over a week ago I announced that my wife and I were about to become parents.

Of course, it all worked out well in the end. Reid James Newton was born at 9:33pm last Friday. He suffered a little from bilateral pneumothorax, a condition where a pocket of air forms between the body wall and lungs. He was monitored over night, and again periodically throughout his stay at the hospital. We were home 3 nights later.

I’ve taken some time off work to get used to having a baby in the house. I’m trying to not worry about my work and I’ve managed to not check my work email since my wife and child came home from the hospital. That’s stressful in itself 😀 I don’t want anyone to break anything while I’m gone but at the same time I hate to think I’m holding anyone up.

Thinking that two weeks off work would be a sort of vacation was a mistake! Up to last week I had managed to read 5% of a book every day (the Kindle app shows percentages). I’m reading The Return of the King in preparation for the BluRay release at the end of June. It’s the 9th today (I think) so I should be at 45% completion. Nope, I’m 8% in. Reid is taking up a lot of time. When he’s awake, and he seems to be awake in the middle of the night, then I’m awake. When he’s sleeping I’m sleeping.

We’re learning. And I’m sure eventually things will be relatively back to normal.

Coming soon: Baby Newton

Woke up relatively early for an appointment at the local hospital this morning. My wife and I are expecting our first child. The due date is June 5th, less than a week away, but due to some potential complications we were scheduled to induce labour this morning.

It was a long day today. And uneventful so far. We’re back home for the evening, waiting on “true labour” to set in.

After the baby monitoring this morning, and then the induced labour (contact hormones), followed by 30 minutes of walking up and down the maternity hallway, we were allowed to go home. Our doctor, the one we got to know over the last 3/4 of a year, said she’d meet us back at the hospital at 8pm (approximately 12 hours from being induced) if full-on labour hadn’t started yet. If it had, she’d of course meet us at the hospital sooner.

We arrived at the hospital a little sooner than 8 expecting to meet our doctor. Nope. Nurses monitored the baby again, did their diagnostic stuff on Crystal. Her Mom and sister arrived soon after as we all expected our doctor to move on to the next step. She sent us home. Over the phone. So we’re bummed about that.

I’m a big planner. When I have a plan, I stick to it. She said she’d meet us at 8pm and she didn’t. So 7am tomorrow she’s no longer the doctor on call and we’re going to be stuck with some strange doctor.

Life gives you lemons, right? So we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m just looking forward to being able to give that birth announcement and we really thought our baby’s birthday would be June 1st.

June 2nd isn’t so bad 🙂

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