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Putting it all Together

I could have sworn I’d already posted this graphic.

Still, this is the “accessible area map” implemented in SpaceFight!. If you visit the prototype page you should be able to give it a try. It needs some improvement. It’s a resource hog, especially where there are a lot of wall tiles side by side. And the polygons haven’t joined together as I’d hoped, as you can see by the multitude of ‘pie slices’.

After I’ve reduced the inefficiencies of the algorithm and made the accessible area mapping look good, I get to work on the path-finding. Something to map points of the shortest distance between the player’s location and where the player wants to go within the accessible area. And to display that path. I’m sure it will be all kinds of fun. Seriously. It was all kinds of fun getting the accessible area map to the point it’s at now.

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