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LOTRO Craft Update

This weekend I finished version 2 of the LOTRO Craft Assist. Changes include:

  • Recipe list filter
  • Full stack button
  • Reduced AJAX

The filter, as you expect, narrows the list of recipes down to whatever you’ve typed in the filter box. Typing “cup” will shrink the list down to: Cup of Red Tea, Cup of Spring Barley Flour, etc, cutting out the items that don’t have the “cup” in its name.

The quantity box, used to find the cost of a specified number of items, now loads with the value 50 which is usually the size of the stack when dealing with cooked food. Likewise, a “Full Stack” button is present which, when clicked, resets the quantity box back to 50. I’ll be storing the actual stack size of items in a future release so it’ll no longer default to 50 but rather whatever the actual stack size is.

The first version was written from the ground up in Javascript. That was all fine, and a fun exercise, but it was impractical. When your local internet connection was slow, sometimes the recipe list or individual recipes failed to load. Now the entire catalog is loaded once, reducing bandwidth limitations.

Lord of the Rings Online: Craft Assistant

I’ve been working on what I call the LOTRO Craft Assistant. You can find it here. It is intended to show you the base cost of a crafted item, with a focus on items crafted by Farmers and Cooks at the moment. I see potential to expand the app to cover recipes and ingredients for Tailors, Jewelers, etc. It might even be possible to cover crafting costs in other MMOs, too.

Like the majority of the things I do, I did it with selfish intent. It’s an app to help me price items for auction in The Lord of the Rings Online. I hope others find it useful, too.

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