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Resources for the Cheap-Ass Game Developer

The following resources are of interest to me, and will be lacking in some areas. I write for myself, and as a side-effect I hope there are others who find my writing helpful as well. I believe knowledge is power so the following resources are geared toward resources to help you become a better game developer, as opposed to “free resources”. With that being said, the following is a list of resources for the enthusiast game developer.




  • Ubuntu – Free operating system, a particular flavor of Linux, alternative to Windows or Mac.
  • Eclipse – Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Slick – Java game programming library.

Making money with games

I just read Part One of an upcoming series at Lost Garden.

It’s a good read that covers the concept of making money by providing premium content within your video game(s). Now, I’ll disagree with the focus on Flash as I feel Flash is something that should not be relied on. I feel that a developer who programs for Flash is agreeing to lock himself in to a proprietary development environment… blah blah blah. My point of view.

I digress. Whether you program in C, C#, Flash or Java, this article is still relevant to you.

Breaking ground on the Generic2DPlatformer

I’ve been building up a 2D Game “Engine” in my head over the last few months. I’m writing it in Java and am using the Slick framework. I’ve got an information page set up and of course I’ll be posting here with the progress.

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