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Squishy Bugs Update

Last weekend I managed to squeak out an update to Squishy Bugs. The old url to the Squishy Bugs page on the Android market is no longer valid. I removed that package, which *poof* caused it to disappear from the market.

You can find the new Squishy Bugs market page here. I don’t expect to ever have to change market urls again. And if I do, you can always get the proper url at

With this update I reduced the number of rows of tiles since some players complained that toward the end of the level it seemed to take too long for the bullet to reach the top-most tiles. This allowed me to display the player’s score at the top of the page. Which brings me to the other update.

The scoring system has been revised. Previously you were awarded 1 point for every tile that was falling the moment you squished a tile. 3 tiles falling? Squish a tile for 3 points. Squish another tile for 2 points (since there would only be 2 tiles left falling). And so on. Squishy bugs were worth a 2 point multiplier. No longer! Each tile awards a ridiculous number of points following the same number-of-tiles-falling rule. However, now you lose points for not catching tiles. Each tile that drops off the bottom of the screen will cause you to lose the same number of points as you would have had you managed to squish the tile. This prevents players from exploiting the multiplicative nature of the scoring system.

Also, the groundwork for adding new power ups has been completed. It should be relatively straight forward to add new power ups in the future. So in addition to the bouncy ball power up that’s already present, there will be a “drop similar icons” power up and a “drop similar colors” power up. They will work similar to the way dropping groups works right now, which is that groups of the same color and icon fall together if one of them is hit.

Some update in the future will see the addition of accounts which will tie into a WaggSoft community page. This will allow for global high scores (another feature to add) and potentially allow for the addition of special events.

SpaceFight! movement

Added a new state to the loop that handles the ‘turn’ after all the pawns have been given instructions. During this state, the pawns carry out the instructions given to them. At the moment, the only instructions they carry out is movement.

Presently, all the pawns turn toward the direction that they are traveling. I think I might change that so their rotation can be player-defined.

Space Fight! Positioning and Targeting

This isn’t going to look like much.

This is a recent screenshot of SpaceFight! taken tonight. Pawns can now be assigned their new location (the gray line and box) as well as select their target (the yellow line). In the screenshot we see Bob (the bottom left pawn) is targeting Heckler (top left). Ignore the similarities between my pawns, Bob and Doug at the bottom, and the opponent pawns, Heckler and Koch at the top.

The logic is in place, too, so that a right click will step-back to the previous state from selection, destination, target, and review.

Space Fight (Working Title)

So I started something yesterday.

It’s quite early, but I find motivation in sharing my progress. The goal? A retro-style space war inspired by Blendo Games’ Flotilla.

Game Design Canvas

I’ve been reading a series of articles about a “Game Design Canvas”. The series focuses on game design, broken into 5 catagories. I recommend giving the articles a read.

There are currently three published, and presumably at least two more on the way.

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