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I looked into the handy presskit() installer by Rami at Vlambeer. Very cool. I got a press page set up for WaggSoft and a project page for Squishy Bugs. The WaggSoft site, as a whole, needs a lot of work. I’ll be fixing it up more and more as Squishy Bugs gets closer to version 1.0.

Also, if you missed it, Squishy Bugs now has a high scores page. For now, everyone’s scores are displayed there. Any score with the name “SquishyBugs” associated with it belongs to someone who wasn’t logged into their account when the score was submitted. In the future, the global high scores page will only display paid users’ scores on it. That’ll be a one time $0.99 fee which will get me closer to being able to make game development a full time job.

So get to playing. Make sure you have created a free account in game, and have logged in. See if you can beat the #1 spot!

Squishy Bugs Alpha 6

Squishy Bugs alpha 6 is now available on Google Play. Here’s the run down:

  • Upgraded graphics. You’re no longer stuck playing with a “retro” theme.
  • Added a theme selector on the Options page. Calling them “Night” and “Day”. Night is the original theme, and it’s easier on the eyes when playing at night.
  • Added a new column of tiles (6 more tiles total). Brings the total up to 48 tiles for even higher scores.
  • Added a “power down” and with it another points multiplier. The anchor power causes tiles to immediately start falling when struck, rather than be knocked around by the ball a little first. Every tile knocked down with the anchor gets an increased points multiplier for even higher scores.
  • Fixed ball and tile collisions so that the ball no longer sneaks between tiles.

More Colorful Squishy Bugs

Classic Squishy Bugs just doesn’t look appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I like the retro look. That’s why I styled it that way in the first place. But… it’s not eye-catching.

So next update is going to be a whole lot more colorful. Of course, if you’ve been following my tweets you’d already have an idea of what to expect.

So I’m testing the game. Working out any kinks. Adding things I may have missed. With any luck the next update will be out tonight. Alpha 6 coming soon.

Oh yeah, the graphics have been polished a little, too.

WaggSoft Accounts and Registration and Login Forms

The past week (2 Fridays ago and this last Friday) I was looking into text input forms for Squishy Bugs. Initially I thought I’d try using an Android view/layout (I still don’t know if there’s a difference) to get the necessary text field rendering and reading the keyboard. The Eclipse Android layout manager is pretty cool and I had a nice form mocked up in no time, but this left me with a minor issue.

Squishy Bugs is meant to be cross platform. In addition to working on an Android phone or tablet, it also runs as a desktop application. That’s actually how I do my development, running the game as an app on my computer playing it using a mouse. Building the registration form using an Android view does nothing for the desktop version. Back to square one.

It was actually quite easy to find a cross platform solution since there was such a good example built into libgdx itself. You can see the results in the image below.

The location of the form is subject to change, and I’ve still got to figure out if there’s a password field so that the password isn’t displayed in plain text. But it’s a step in the right direction. Next up I suppose would be writing data to the phone to store Squishy Bugs settings, and then sending the login information to the WaggSoft api so your high scores can finally be saved!

Squishy Bugs on the Android Market

So I totally forgot to mention that Squishy Bugs is now available on the Android market. It’s free. It’s ad supported but not in an intrusive way. You actually only see the advertisement when you are *not* playing the game. Like when you are viewing the main menu or settings page. That kind of stuff.

It’s an early release. I’m calling it version 0.0.1. It’s going to change a lot by the time it’s done. There are at least 3 powerups I can think of that need to be added to the game. The sound effects will be tweaked. I want to have global high scores, and I’ve already written most of the server code for that.

So if you have an Android device, please check it out. It installs to the SD card by default and it only takes up 1.9MB of data.

Also, if you have any issues to report or want to discuss the game or ask questions then you can do so at the forums. Or reach me over Twitter.

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