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New Game: Board Rogue

I’ve started on my next game. At the moment it’s called Board Rogue, though that’s subject to change. I said the same thing about Squishy Bugs. Squishy Bugs was supposed to be the code-name for the project, like Helicopter Ninja and Space Fight before it. But Squishy Bugs stuck, and who knows if Board Rogue […]

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Game Design Canvas

I’ve been reading a series of articles about a “Game Design Canvas”. The series focuses on game design, broken into 5 catagories. I recommend giving the articles a read. There are currently three published, and presumably at least two more on the way. The Game Design Canvas: An Introduction “Feeling Powerful” as a Core Experience […]

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Resources for the Cheap-Ass Game Developer

The following resources are of interest to me, and will be lacking in some areas. I write for myself, and as a side-effect I hope there are others who find my writing helpful as well. I believe knowledge is power so the following resources are geared toward resources to help you become a better game […]

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