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Rise of the Video Game Zinesters

I’ve been reading Anna Anthropy‘s Rise of the Videogame Zinesters
and I just came across what (to me) may be the most important message in the entire book.

Perfection isn't a useful goal; if anything, it keeps amateurs
from getting their feet wet and authors from finishing their works.
- Anna Anthropy. Rise of the Video Game Zinesters. Page 125. 2012 ed.

I cannot agree more. When I met my wife and she was getting to know me, I told her “I make games”. That wasn’t entirely true. What I should have said was “I try to make games” because my struggle for perfection constantly got in the way.

I thought there was one right way to make games, and because I didn’t know the way that I should not even try. I abandoned every game I tried to make.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I finally understood that there is no one right way to make games. That the best way to make games is just do it. Give up on perfection. Expect to make mistakes. Use bubblegum and duct tape to piece your game together and cover it up in attractive gift wrap.

People don’t see your engine (the source of my anxiety, the fear that my coding abilities would be criticised). They only see your game. Don’t try to be perfect, just make something to the best of your ability. You’ll surprise yourself.

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