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Beer Bottle Rocket Man

It’s done. I made the deadline (after two full days of working on it).


Next time I’ve got a full month to work on the game, I’ll manage my time better. No more leaving it until the last few days.

Here is the forum post announcing the details.

Pretend this is an old Nintendo game and the story
and instructions are in the booklet but the game doesn't
make sense without the booklet.

This is the booklet: The evil doctor wants a beer, so he
sent you, his robot, down into the cellar to get it.
It's easy enough for you to walk down stairs, but your
legs are too short to climb back up. Being a heavy robot
with short legs, you can't jump very high. 

How are you going to get back up to the doctor to give
him his beer?

Note: It is possible to finish the game with a beer for each of
you and the doctor.

Slick contest: Beer

I’m attempting to take part in a game development contest, using the Slick api. It is a Slick contest, after all.

The theme? Beer. And you can read up about the contest at the Slick forums.

My entry will have you in control of a little robot fellow.


His name is Cupcake. My wife was making cupcakes while I was drawing him up. Hooray for inspiration.

And here’s an early screenshot of Cupcake in action… standing around in the basement of a huge tower.


How is he ever going to get out of here? Stay tuned to find out more!

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