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Squishy Bugs Alpha 6

Squishy Bugs alpha 6 is now available on Google Play. Here’s the run down:

  • Upgraded graphics. You’re no longer stuck playing with a “retro” theme.
  • Added a theme selector on the Options page. Calling them “Night” and “Day”. Night is the original theme, and it’s easier on the eyes when playing at night.
  • Added a new column of tiles (6 more tiles total). Brings the total up to 48 tiles for even higher scores.
  • Added a “power down” and with it another points multiplier. The anchor power causes tiles to immediately start falling when struck, rather than be knocked around by the ball a little first. Every tile knocked down with the anchor gets an increased points multiplier for even higher scores.
  • Fixed ball and tile collisions so that the ball no longer sneaks between tiles.

Slick setColor

I’m just messing around with the setColor method in Slick. It allows you to manipulate the color property (red, green, blue, alpha) of a corner.

The numbers, 0 through 3, represent the four different corners of a tile (as shown in the image). The combinations of corner manipulation with 100% transparency are indicated in the image.

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