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Then he shouldn’t have pressed the red button

Evil Doctor Dastardly stood at his laboratory window, gazing over what remained of Graphite City. The empty feeling of loneliness pressed against his heart.

He knew it should not have come to this, the wanton destruction of his beloved Graphite City.

He only wanted to be accepted as their King.

Suicidal Zombie

I thought it might be cool to be a zombie, but the books, tv shows and movies don’t even come close to preparing you for unlife. You know, I can’t read now? No idea why.

And the worst part? The fruit flies nesting in my hair.

My advice? Stay alive!

Do you smell that?

Graphite City had a unique history to it’s municipal elections. Elections were held every year, and history showed that when a mayor was elected, they were always re-elected until too old to function.

However, recently there was a new mayor with every election.

Robert Douglas was beginning to smell conspiracy.

Of Peas and Carrots, Cannons and Cutlasses



Cannons and cutlasses be zipping through the air in every direction.

Them scurvy dogs will tell you they cain’t remember what was what, but I be better at me memory than they.

Salty yelled, “Food fight!” and that’s when it began.

See, we do things differently ’round here.

Study Harder And Come Back In Two Weeks

Blood covered the snow like a spool of red ribbon softly falling across a bin of flour. It was beautiful, and Rice Ninja was satisfied with his work.

Master Ninja’s eyes passed over Rice Ninja’s ninja clothing. White was still visible.

“No good,” said Master Ninja, “You missed a spot.”

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