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Don’t we all wish

He sat in his high chair, watching the robotic vacuum bump against the wall. He thought it wasn’t performing well, stuck in a corner.

The baby had great ambition but was well aware the limitations due to his current form.

“When I grow up, my robots will beat Chuck Norris.”

Throwaway bodies

Free falling through the centre of the Earth wasn’t on my list of things to do today. Twice now I met the centre, like a yo-yo, back and forth.

I needed a new shell.

My conscience? Only forty percent uploaded. Crap reception.

This will be a story for the grandchildren.

This Box

I woke in a dark box. A padded box, at least, and it happened to be very dark. Perhaps it was due to this box being buried under eight feet of dirt.

I knew I was being punished. But for what? I could not remember. The answer had to wait.

Lost in Translation

“Greetings, creature. We descend from the vacuum for great justice. Our sensors indicate the sentient race known as ‘Overlord’ have recently positioned themselves on your rock for temporary satisfaction.

“Under Universal Law, highest of laws, We are authorized to annihilate the Overlord presence. Do you comply?”

Earth’s delegate replies, “Ribbit.”

Big, cuddly death machines

“We seek only to spread love,” C-138 shouted as he tried to pacify the frightened gathering of humans.

The very same events had happened many times before, on every planet the Overlords visited. Misunderstanding, fear, aggression, followed by annihilation.

“We intend that you enjoy the cuddles of our metallic arms.”

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