Squishy Bugs Release Soon

Squishy Bugs is scheduled for release soon, barring any surprises/complications. I haven’t gone through the process of submitting to the Android market, yet, so I’m expecting something as simple as uploading and pressing a button marked “Publish”. I hope there’s no signing any packages or hoops to jump through, and if there are that the instructions are simple. I’ve already created and paid for my Android market account. I’m already set up to receive funds through the market. All systems should be “Go”.

I’m just polishing up the last little bits I can in the time permitted. Just last night I started working on the tutorial. I would like to believe the game is simple enough to figure out without instructions, but it can’t hurt to be prepared.

I hope to have the tutorial finished tonight or tomorrow. Then I can go back to fixing the last couple (low priority) known issues. And then adding sound effects. And hiding the advertisement when not on the menu. And then tweaking the scoring system. And then… there’s a whole list of things left to do. Oh yeah, I kind of still need to add squishy bugs to the game. You know, the things that give the game its name? Yeah, they’re still not in here. And finish building the web site…

I’m still on schedule for a December 24 release. Progress will be posted here, as usual.

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  1. Ruben Garat says:

    Hi, I would recommend sharing the apk with some people before posting it to the market, in order to find any last bug/issue, and ensure it gets released into the android market in the best shape possible.

    From what we have experienced the first impression your game makes is quite important to your future on the market, and since there is no longer a “just in” category that gets filled with new and updated apps trying to gain users with updates is no longer as effective.

    Maybe posting your apk in the slick2d or javagaming forums, would be a good idea.

    Good luck with the game.

  2. kyle says:

    That makes sense. I’ve tested as best I could, at least for graphical issues. I’ll put the word out on Twitter, see if anyone wants a quick peek. I’ve got to look at the risks of sharing an .apk file, too, since it seems that someone could publish it as their own.

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