Squishy Bugs Alpha 6

Squishy Bugs alpha 6 is now available on Google Play. Here’s the run down:

  • Upgraded graphics. You’re no longer stuck playing with a “retro” theme.
  • Added a theme selector on the Options page. Calling them “Night” and “Day”. Night is the original theme, and it’s easier on the eyes when playing at night.
  • Added a new column of tiles (6 more tiles total). Brings the total up to 48 tiles for even higher scores.
  • Added a “power down” and with it another points multiplier. The anchor power causes tiles to immediately start falling when struck, rather than be knocked around by the ball a little first. Every tile knocked down with the anchor gets an increased points multiplier for even higher scores.
  • Fixed ball and tile collisions so that the ball no longer sneaks between tiles.

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