Slick, LWJGL and Ubuntu 9.04

It has been a busy month for me and a slow month in regard to posting any sort of update here. I’ve been reading a whole whack of stuff. A giant whack.

Speaking of reading stuff, why not check out for some excellent reading material. Follow the author on Twitter, while you’re at it. I’m not being paid to promote 1889 books, it is just good stuff.

Back to the topic at hand, I want to share a tidbit of information. If you’re like me, you use Ubuntu. And recently, a new version of Ubuntu became available. So if you’re like me, you upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 from Ubuntu 8.10. Then stuff broke. Because, like me, you use an ATI video card and ATI decided to not update last year’s model of video cards to work with the new version of X (the window system) in Ubuntu 9.04.

That’s a side rant, and possibly unrelated. My main problem was that the game(s) I’ve been writing would no longer compile, or run, with Ubuntu 9.04. Wait, it was Ubuntu’s fault? No. Something broke somewhere along the way and LWJGL was b0rken just a little bit (b0rken… look it up).

I fixed it. And you can, too. Grab the nightly build and replace your native libraries.

Now Slick (which uses LWJGL) and Eclipse and Ubuntu 9.04 all play nice together. Development of Generic 2D Platformer (and Pixahl) commence.

Right, I may be called on the name change to Piksahl. Piksahl was the Perl version, but that was just silly. Who programs a game in Perl? I started to, because I could. Now I’m doing it in Slick/Java. That makes more sense. Thus, the name change.

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