Rotations and Backdrops

To avoid confusion with the term “background”, I’m deciding to call the background image of G2DP a “backdrop”. The potential for confusion is in regard to my naming convention of tiles in the Tiled map editor.

I have decided that the maps created in Tiled, and used in G2DP, require three layers. That is a requirement. One layer named “PLATFORMS”, one layer named “FOREGROUND”, and one layer named, you guessed it, “BACKGROUND”.

You do not necessarily have to put any tiles in the foreground or the background. The map renderer just looks for it, and I think it’s a good property for a two-dimensional platform map to have. Like a bald guy with “hair colour” on his drivers license.

The “background” of the Tiled map relates to just the individual tiles that the hero does not come in contact with. Therefore, “backdrop” refers to the screen’s background. I’m not trying to step on any toes, but that seems less confusing for me.

Today started out with the intention of coding a backdrop layer manager, but the plan quickly diverted to fixing the hero’s “wiggle walk”. What is a wiggle walk, I hear you ask? Ever see a kid playing with paper cut-outs glued to a popsicle stick? That’s what I’m calling a wiggle walk. I’m foregoing any player walking animations for a (more charming?) rotation of the hero’s image. I can’t make it work in print, so you’ll have to see for yourself soon enough.

And in case I piqued any interest about the “backdrop layer manager”, it’s just a system of rendering layers of images in such a way that an illusion of depth is added to the background. It simulates the same sensation as when you are driving down a country road and, off in the distance, you see a barn slowly travel across your field of view. But along the side of the road, fence posts zoom by at the speed of the car.

There was a nice article and demonstration in Flash that I found a while back. I can’t find it, though.

I’ll leave you with a nice screenshot of what is the beginning of the backdrop layer manager.

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