• Generic 2D Platformer
    • A platforming game framework built on the Slick game development library and Phys2d libraries. Still in an early stage.
  • Pixahl
    • A nonogram generator, inspired by Picross for the Nintendo DS. Written in Java using the Slick game library. Still in an early stage.
  • Space Fight! (working title)
    • A top-down turn-based free-roaming strategy type game. Inspired by Blendo Games’ Floatilla, but without the third dimension.
  • Beer Bottle Rocket Man
    • You play as robot sent into the cellar of a mad scientist’s laboratory to fetch him a beer. The catch is, while the robot can walk down flights of stairs his robot legs are too short and not flexible enough to make them back up the stairs. So the robot must collect and shake up these bottles of beer to boost himself back up to the scientist. The winning condition is that the robot must have at least one beer left by the time he reaches the scientist.


  • Medievia Auctioneer
    • Tracks auctions in the MUD Medievia. I idle in the game, log the output, then parse it and store it to MySQL.
  • The Lord of the Rings Online Craft Assistant
    • A list of craft ingredients and recipes, and their costs. Focuses on the combined cost of ingredients in a recipe (recipe cost) to assist the player in determining which price to set in the auction house. There is an interface to add new ingredients and create/add new recipes but it is currently hidden from the public (afraid of users abusing the system).

2 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Aeriada says:

    I just stumbled across this page when I randomly searched my Medievia characters name. It sort of made me giggle to see all those old player names out there on the internets.

  2. kyle says:

    I’ve been meaning to clean up that project. I’m glad you found it even slightly amusing 🙂

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