Programming Humans (Greying an Image)

I was in the shower and something struck me as slightly humorous. Just before the shower, I wrote a small program. It’s written in this new programming language that I call the “English Human programming language”. It features inline-comments (nifty snippets integrated into the code that the interpreter is fancy enough to parse out). In fact, the interpreter is intelligent enough to parse out anything that is written as a comment.

The “program” is a set of instructions for using “The Gimp” to gray out an image. The usual thing where only a certain portion of the image has any color left in it.

The program is reprinted below:

Instructions for "The Gimp".

File > Open
	select your picture

Click through the following. This will set up the picture
so that you can grey out what you want and leave color
where you want.

Select > All

Edit > Copy

Colors > Desaturate > Ok

Layer > New Layer > Ok

Edit > Paste

Layer > Anchor Layer

Now you can start "deleting the color" from the image.
"Shift-E" will select the "erase tool" but that might take
a while. I suggest you use the "Rectangle Select Tool"
(can get to it by pressing "r" on the keyboard). That will
select big chunks which you can then "Control-X" to delete
out of the picture.

There you have it, a set of instructions that when followed will fancify an image.

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