I looked into the handy presskit() installer by Rami at Vlambeer. Very cool. I got a press page set up for WaggSoft and a project page for Squishy Bugs. The WaggSoft site, as a whole, needs a lot of work. I’ll be fixing it up more and more as Squishy Bugs gets closer to version 1.0.

Also, if you missed it, Squishy Bugs now has a high scores page. For now, everyone’s scores are displayed there. Any score with the name “SquishyBugs” associated with it belongs to someone who wasn’t logged into their account when the score was submitted. In the future, the global high scores page will only display paid users’ scores on it. That’ll be a one time $0.99 fee which will get me closer to being able to make game development a full time job.

So get to playing. Make sure you have created a free account in game, and have logged in. See if you can beat the #1 spot!

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