Points and Line of Sight

A very minor update, barely worth mention.

You’ll notice the entire wall segment is enclosed in the radius around the ‘player’, that yellow circle at the center. The significance here is that the top-left point of the wall segment isn’t included in the list of accessible nodes! Why not? Because, the player can’t see that node (it’s on the other side of the wall segment). Another good thing in the image above, the yellow dot is flush with the two red nodes meaning it has the same x-axis as the node to its left and same y-axis as the node above.

It’s all theory, but I believe I’m close to achieving my goal. A little recursion to jump from one point to every other point in its line of sight, adding together all the places that the orange ‘light’ can shine on, and I should finally have my map of accessible areas. Remember, it’s the idea of having a string anchored to a location, and then mapping out only the locations that the tethered string can reach.

It’ll all become clearer when I get it working. You’ll see.

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