Piksahl, just a little more

Working on Piksahl just a little bit more. Finally labelling all of the columns and rows.

Another sneak peek.

Another sneak peek.

Since the beginning I’ve had the functionality to label the columns/rows, or to at least build a string like “2,1,1” and output the column/row total as “4”. So today I finally got around to parsing the original string and outputting as “2\n1\n1\n” with a little chomp(stirng) for good measure, in the case of a column. Rows are simpler, needing only to s/,/  /g the string.

To do, align the row labels to the right, align those columns to the bottom. For both columns and rows I need to get rid of all that wasted space where there is no text. That will be easily done by calculating the maximum number of characters per row and column individually.

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