Patching DSLinux for SuperCardLite

The official instructions can be found from the Drunken Coders DLDI page. The welcome page there is a little confusing, so to get a start on the SuperCard installation…
follow my short set of instructions here for patching the DSLinux launcher with DLDI.

Windows instructions:

First, download the SuperCardLite DLDI driver found at the official wiki page.

Second, download the DLDI tool (as of this writing the current version is 0.32), extract the contents and run ‘dlditool32’.

Next, follow the instructions on the page you downloaded the DLDI tool from. There are pretty pictures there and the page will help you get along. If, however, the site is down then do the following:

Click the ‘…’ button next to the DLDI File dropdown box. Point to the sclt.dldi driver you downloaded in step one.

Now click the ‘…’ button next to the Binaries dropdown box. Point to the dslinux.nds launcher that came from the dslinux-dldi.tgz found at or (ignore the dslinuxm.nds as you won’t be needing it).

Press that Patch button and you should see that it “Patched successfully”. That’s it. The dslinux.nds will now launch DSLinux from your SuperCardLite. Just stick that “linux” directory in the root of your SuperCardLite and the dslinux.nds beside it and you are good to go.

Linux instructions (Debian):

This is simple! You’ll need the SuperCardLite DLDI driver found on this page (or direct from this link). Also, download the DLDI CLI tool from the official wiki page. Figure out a way to unpack the bz2 file (I apt- installed bzip2 and then ‘bunzip2 <file>.tar.bz2’ followed by ‘tar -xvf <file>.tar’ to do it). Which should leave you with dlditool and the license.

Now all you have to do is

./dlditool Sclt.dldi dslinux.nds

No kidding. Drop that dslinux.nds launcher in the root directory of your MicroSD card, along with the dslinux directory and launch if from the Supercard menu on your DS!


I got mine from KickGaming a couple years ago (was KickTrading back then). You can find the list of retailers direct on the SuperCard site.


I’ve got my eyes on either the GP2X F-200 or the upcoming Pandora. Hopefully I’ll be writing about one of them soon!

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  1. R4i SDHC says:

    I didn’t even know there was a linux project for the ds! Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

  2. rummik says:

    As a quick note (yes, I know this post is ancient): tar -xjf dlditool-linux-x86-1.24.tar.bz2

    The option ‘j’ tells tar that we want to use bzip2 for the compression. (‘z’ would give us gzip)

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