More Steam and Linux Goodies

I just want to say a quick word about this week’s Midweek Madness on Steam. It features 7 indie games. Seven! And all for $2 each or $9.99 for the whole bunch.

The two most relevant to this post are two that also have Linux binaries. There’s Altitude, a real-time, side-scrolling, shoot other planes while you fly game. The other is Galcon Fusion, a real-time, top-down, take over planets and wipe out the competition game.

The cool thing these two games are doing is, you purchase the game on Steam (presumably in your Windows partition or through wine), and then register the game. The game authenticates against their respective developers’ websites and have you create an account for each. Now that you’re registered, download the Linux binary/demo and then enter your account details (username and password). You now have two great full-version games you can play natively in Linux!

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