Inspiration Motivation Perspiration Activation

[Edit: Tommy of Team Meat said this all a whole lot better, in greater detail]

[Edit again: Neil Gaiman also says it better in a speech]

[Edit 3: While I’m making edits, I may as well add this one. I always go back to this one every half a year or so. Here’s Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s less in line with the other edits, and the message below, but I still find it very motivational]

I just went on a bit of a mini motivational rant on Twitter. There should be 6 links in that previous sentence there.

So the context of the rant? Basically if you want to do something, just do it. Don’t worry about the right way to do it. There is no right way. There is only your way.

I speak from the vantage point of a programmer/software developer, so I’m referring to source code when I say there is no right way to do something. Don’t let your inexperience stop you from trying. You’ll write sloppy code. You’ll paint sloppy pictures. You’ll write sloppy stories. Whatever it is you aspire to do, do it, and expect to do it poorly to start.

My biggest mental block when it came to game development was that I didn’t want to really do it until I knew how to do it the right way. And that cost me years. I got all hung up that it wasn’t worth doing unless I could do it right. Don’t worry about the right way. Just do it your way. You’ll get better, you’ll stop wasting time studying and reading and theorizing.

Practice makes perfect.

Just my rambling 2 cents. I hope that after you read this you’re motivated or inspired because it’s really not worth sitting around waiting for the right moment where you’ll suddenly and magically be good enough to do things the right way.

[Edit 4: An excellent in-line response to a HackerNews item]

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