Help! My Logitech Dual Action Gamepad isn’t working!

Never fret, there’s an easy way to get this handy-dandy and appropriately priced Logitech Dual Action Gamepad working properly (within Ubuntu 8.10).

The symptom is probably that when configuring the game-pad inside a program (other than jscalibrator) that every button works properly, except for the directional-pad (D-Pad).

The problem is most likely that you followed someone else’s advice and tested that the gamepad works by using jscalibrator. That has got to go.

The gamepad works by simply plugging it in! Get rid of jscalibrator.

sudo apt-get remove jscalibrator

And you may want to

sudo apt-get autoremove

to remove any packages that were needed for jscalibrator but are not needed on your system any longer.

jscalibrator also leaves behind a configuration file in your home directory.

ls -la ~/ | grep joystick

should show a file, .joystick, in your home directory. Delete it.

rm ~/.joystick

Reboot your PC. Don’t just log out or ctrl-alt-Backspace, reboot the machine. When you next use your gamepad it should work (now that jscalibrator is gone).

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