Free (as in Freedom) Entertainment

Where is that free entertainment I mentioned earlier? Oh… not just free entertainment, it’s also legal entertainment. Legally free.

Here are some resources for free and legal entertainment. You won’t find any pirated works here, because the authors give it away free.


  • MCM – A Canadian author with everything from children’s stories to adult humour and science fiction. He’s also insane.
  • Cory Doctorow – Another Canadian author of science fiction with a focus on freedom.
  • Many Books – Where you can find books by the likes of MCM and Cory Doctorow and many many more authors.


  • Waaay too many to list, seriously. Here are a few.
  • Revision 3 – Internet television hub that offers tech shows, bar tricks, stand-up comedy… and more.
  • Miro – An internet TV client, like satellite for your computer.
  • Public Domain Torrents – Old movies and TV shows that have passed into the public domain.


  • Beefy – Nerdcore artist.
  • Jonathan Coulton – Geek folk-singer. Songs about vampires and scary dolls and robot friends (and overlords).
  • Brad Sucks – Canadian musician and one man band (with no fans).
  • MC Frontalot – Nerdcore’s originator. May not give albums away but he’s got a bunch of singles for download.
  • Rhyme Torrents – 8 volumes of music, in addition to multiple halloween albums. Yes, I like Nerdcore.
  • Hipster Please – DJ of Radio Free Hipster.


  • Newgrounds – Could almost fit into all the above categories. Flash games.
  • Puzzle Pirates – Is a subscription service, but you can play for free as well. Puzzles… with pirates.
  • Runescape – It’s a role playing game, and like Puzzle Pirates, you can play for free.

Now you can be poor and keep entertained at the same time, just like me!

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