Editor object placement

So once again, I thought I’d work on the backdrop layer manager. I didn’t get anything done with it. There’s something about attempting to work on it (and I don’t think it would be difficult to code), but there’s something about it that makes me work hard on something else.

I had this little problem lurking around at the back of my mind. I wanted a simple way of specifying where our hero starts in the level. Up to now I had just been dropping him in the top left of the level (position 10,10).

Not any more. I’m using the Tiled editor’s “group” layer, as you can see.

There’s that “ACTORGROUP” layer, that holds the location of the Hero, and later on will tell G2DP where to create the NPCs. Notice the little orange box labelled “Player”.

That gives us easy hero placement.

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