DrPetter’s SFXR with Ubuntu 8.10

“Ubuntu 8.10” you say? Yep, I’m still rocking the Intrepid Ibex. Ubuntu 9.04 doesn’t work as well as I’d have hoped and I’ve got my Ubuntu 8.10 partition all configured and useful.

I’m getting off topic, though. I’ve been playing with the Slick game library (which is an extension of the LWJGL for Java game programming). And with any video game, you need sound effects. Lots of sound effects. And when you don’t know how to make sound effects, what better way to make them than… randomly!? Yes, by using a “random sound effect” generator. Particularly, DrPetter’s SFXR.

Download SFXR from DrPetter’s page first, but if that fails you can grab it locally here.

The install is the standard linux make/make install, but it requires libsdl1.2-dev and libgtk2.0-dev installed first. (Thanks to cecil for pointing out the gtk2 requirement).

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install libsdl1.2-dev libgtk2.0-dev

Then run the make and install for SFXR (from within the SFXR directory)

sudo make install

Now you’re all set. You can run SFXR from the command line simply by typing sfxr.

7 Responses to “DrPetter’s SFXR with Ubuntu 8.10”

  1. cecil says:

    what about gtk2? that IS a prereq and apparently i dont have it. and which of the 40 packages that have it in its description i need i have no clue.

  2. cecil says:

    sudo aptitude install libgtk2.0-dev

    might want to add that

  3. kdnewton says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I take it for granted that not everyone uses Gnome.

  4. checkm says:

    Oh tanks for the post and for the local upload! 🙂 What a great app!

  5. kdnewton says:

    You’re welcome. It’s unfortunate that his site has been down for so long. I may have a Windows version floating around somewhere as well. I might have to post that, too.

  6. checkm says:

    Yeah, it would be great. 🙂 I think this is a must-have for a 2D game coder. For me it’s useful for my space shooter. But I found it only by-accident. I’ll post something about it my blog. 😉

  7. Digit says:

    i’d love to see musagi make it to linux too.

    musagi, from the same genius who brought us sfxr, is an awesome piece of kit to behold. 😀

    where sfxr makes a sample, musagi makes a tune. 😀

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