20,000 Light Years Into Space

I understand I’ve started this site at the worst time possible to be of any use to computer science students. Colleges and universities are out for summer in North America.

Regardless, I’d like to suggest an excellent little distraction that can be taken advantage of free of charge. It is called 20,000 Light Years Into Space and it makes for an easy hour of time well wasted. (And it’s open source).

The game is available for both Windows and Linux. I play it from my Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) box.

The game itself is a play on “supply and demand” in network flow that you’d encounter in an Algorithm Analysis/Design (3rd year) course. You tap a “steam vent” (a source) and then pipe it back to your base (a sink). All the while natural disasters and pesky aliens are threatening to disconnect your network of pipes.

Gameplay ranges from 5 minutes to half an hour which makes it an excellent distraction while not paying attention in class.

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