Hopefully I’m within liberty to reproduce this information here.  comp.lang.perl.misc user, Jean-Luc, has this to say about a certain timestamp (as copied from my newsreader):


  As some of you know, Unix epoch time will reach the number
today at 23:31:30 UTC.

  If you don't know, epoch time is a measure of time in number of
(non-leap) seconds since Midnight UTC on January 1, 1970.  (That means
a billion seconds have passed since then.)

  Nostradamus once cryptically said, "The world will end when all
are visible."  I wonder if he was talking about this epoch time stuff.
(Disclaimer:  I just made that quote up.)

  You can view the epoch time ticking away by typing the following at
DOS/Unix prompt (provided you have Perl installed):

     perl -le "print time and sleep 1  while 1"

(You may want to synchronize your computer's clock by going to
http://www.time.gov/ .)

  You can see the exact time of 1234567890 for your timezone by

     perl -le "print scalar localtime 1234567890"

  Have a happy 1234567890 day!

  -- Jean-Luc

Only 1 hour 25 minutes to go.


Dan C helpfully adds (yes, credit where credit is due)

watch -n 1 date +%s

as a handy way to watch the timer tick up to the timestamp.

34 minutes left.

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